Child Policy at The Victoria Falls Hotel

All guests with children should please note the child accommodation policy of the Victoria Falls Hotel before booking as no exceptions will be made.

Child Definitions:
Infants refers to guests under the age of 2 years
Children refers to guests aged 11 years and under
Adult children refers to guests aged 12-16 years

i. Children rates are only applicable and subject to availability of inter-leading rooms. Should inter-leading rooms not be available, full adult accommodation rates apply.

ii. Where a second room is occupied by adult children (guests of 12 years and above), normal single or twin accommodation rate will apply (standard or deluxe rate).

iii. Where second room is occupied by a child, (2 - 11 years), 50% of twin sharing accommodation rate will be applicable on a bed and breakfast basis (standard or deluxe rate).

iv. Cots can be provided for infants and placed in same room as adults.

v. Extra beds/mattresses for children cannot be placed in the same room with parents